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Lions Mane Jungle Juice Sea Moss Fruit Punch - your new go-to source for natural health and wellness support! If you’re looking to take holistic care of your wellbeing, this incredible fruit punch has everything you need.


Crafted with Lions Mane mushrooms, hibiscus, elderberry, sea moss, organic strawberries , mangos , blueberries and a splash of key lime, it packs an incredibly potent blend of vitamins and minerals -

including 92 out of 102 naturally occurring minerals from the sea moss! Plus, the Lions Mane provides a variety of health benefits like improved nerve growth factor support for brain health, improved cognitive functioning and better mood and stress relief. 


The mix of antioxidants from the fruits also helps protect against inflammation. This unique jungle punch cocktail is an unbeatable addition to any self-care routine - providing powerful nutrient rich nutrition that’s sure to leave you feeling energized inside and out! Try Lion’s Mane Jungle Juice Fruit Punch today for an unbeatable combination of all-natural support that’s sure to deliver results.

Jungle Juice - Lions Mane and Sea Moss Fruit Punch

SKU: 112261
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